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Who We Are

Apostolic Mutual is a California Nonprofit Corporation that evolved from the Real Estate Trust Fund established back in 2010. Apostolic Mutual operates as a church loan fund, supervised by the Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus. Our creed,
based on Acts 2:44, is “All the believers were together and had everything in common.”

A church loan fund is similar to a credit union where churches and members of the Apostolic Assembly
can invest in Certificates of Deposits earning a fixed interest rate. Invested funds provide low interest rate financing to churches for facilities, land, church improvements, and refinancing of existing mortgages. The purpose of the fund is to partner with churches to help expand the Kingdom.

Our Vision

Apostolic Mutual endeavors to become a key financial solution to churches, pastors, and members of the Apostolic Assembly by assisting them with their financing, investing, and retirement needs.

Our Mission

The mission of the Apostolic Mutual Loan Fund is to support the Apostolic Assembly churches in fulfilling their mission.

Directors and Executive Officers of Apostolic Mutual

Joseph V. Rodriguez
Joseph V. RodriguezChairman
Joseph V. Rodriguez has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors since its inception and also serves as Bishop Vice President of AAFC.
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Andy Provencio
Andy ProvencioVice Chairman
Andy Provenico has served as the Vice Chairman of our Board of Directors beginning Jan. 2023 and also serves as General Treasurer of AAFC.
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Eddie Campa
Eddie CampaExecutive Director
EDDIE CAMPA has served as Executive Director since inception and also serves as Controller of AAFC.
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Bishop Martin Amador
Bishop Martin AmadorDirector, Secretary
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Leobardo Maffey
Leobardo MaffeyDirector
Leobardo Maffey has served as a director since December of 2019.
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Gil Aguilar
Gil AguilarDirector
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Jorge Montes
Jorge MontesDirector
JORGE MONTES has served as a director since inception.
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Yvonne Vasquez
Yvonne VasquezDirector
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Suzanna Valencia
Suzanna ValenciaDirector
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Jorge Lopez
Jorge LopezDirector
Pastor Jorge Lopez has served as Treasurer, East Los Angeles District
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For answers to additional questions, please contact us at: 909.232.8874

We Help Churches Grow

We Help Churches Invest

It’s Time to Grow

It Started back in 1906…

The Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus emerged out of the Pentecostal movement that began with the Azusa Street revival in the city of Los Angeles in 1906. Juan Navarro, a participant of that revival, baptized Francisco Llorente in 1912, who later was elected the first Bishop President of the Apostolic Assembly when it was formed in 1925. The organization became a California corporation on March 15, 1930.

Throughout the humble beginnings of AAFC, its tenacious yet caring leaders ministered primarily to the spiritual needs of a growing number of Spanish speaking people who came to the United States looking for a better life for their families. Since then, AAFC has made great strides in not only serving this community of new families and Spanish speaking generations, but has enabled these families and new arrivals in the U.S. adjust to cultural barriers and provide bilingual ministries in response to the rapid growth of Spanish speaking people in the U.S. We are confident that AAFC will continue to grow, in both financial strength and in membership numbers in the years to come. Because the moral fabric of our society continues to weaken, AAFC, its churches, ministries and fellow believers stand willing to face the challenges of meeting the spiritual needs of hurting people around the world. As of the date of this Offering Circular, AAFC has 784 chartered churches operating in the United States, with over 550 missionary churches and ministries operating in 20 foreign countries, with approximately 5,500 active licensed and ordained ministers and affiliated workers serving its membership and ministries. AAFC also relies upon missionaries and affiliated workers to teach the core principles of its faith and religious tenets, international pastors and affiliated national workers to serve its estimated three million members.


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